tab tab [tæb] noun [countable]
1. a small piece of paper or cloth that is fixed to the edge of something, usually giving information about it
2. a bill for something, especially one that has gradually increased over time:

• One out of three credit card holders pays their credit card tab in full every month.

• the estimated government tab for resolving the S&L crisis

3. a system used in some bars and restaurants in which they keep a record of what you have bought and you pay for it later:

• Can you put these drinks on my tab?

4. pick up the tab to pay for something, especially when it is not your responsibility to pay:

• Taxpayers are picking up the tab for the government's mistakes.

5. also tab stop COMPUTING a button on a computer keyboard that you press to move forward to a particular place on a line of text

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tab UK US /tæb/ noun [C]
a small piece of paper, metal, or cloth that is attached to the edge of something: »

The metal tabs at one end are where the wires fasten.

IT, INTERNET a small symbol on a website that gives you information about the different pages you can open on that website: »

Move between pages by clicking on the tabs at the top of the screen.

(also tab stop) IT a fixed position on a line of text that you are writing on a computer, etc. that can be reached by pressing the tab key
INFORMAL the amount of money that is charged for something: »

The committee will reimburse the state $70,000 of the $105,000 tab for a recent trade mission to Ireland.


The tab to clean up the mess caused by the oil spill has already hit $9 million.

pick up the tab (for sth) »

The state picks up the health care tab for many low-income clients.

pay the tab (for sth) »

Pharmaceutical companies pay most of the tab for the trials.

a record of what you have ordered or used but not yet paid for, especially in a bar or restaurant: put sth on the/your tab »

Just put it on the tab, please.

on sb's tab »

I ordered drinks for everyone, even though this was all going on my tab.


They were put up in hotels on the state's tab.

tab UK US /tæb/ verb [T, usually passive]
to think or say that someone or something should have a particular job or use: tab sb to do sth »

He was tabbed to restore glory and dignity to USA Basketball.

tab sb as sth »

The CEO unofficially tabbed him as his successor.

tab sb/sth for sth »

She was tabbed for a seat on the Board.

to put tabs on something: tab sth with sth »

There was a stack of mail-order catalogues tabbed with sticky labels.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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